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James P. Smith Jr.

Deputy Board Member

Born 1944, Deputy Board Member since 2014.

James is a citizen of the United States of America. Graduated cum laude from Princeton University, with a degree in Chemistry in 1965 and completed his Masters in Business Administration with high honors from Stanford University Business School in 1970. After Stanford, Mr. Smith worked for McKinsey & Co. before accepting a position as CFO and head of real estate development operations for the Haskell Company in Jacksonville Fl, one of the largest design and build companies in the USA. Mr. Smith joined the Charter Company, a Fortune 500 Company in 1975 where he headed the Media Division and was responsible for Magazine and Newspaper Publishing, Radio Broadcasting, and Direct Marketing operations. He left Charter in 1982 to become CEO and principal owner of the Hamilton Collection, a Direct Marketer of Collectible products. Mr. Smith sold Hamilton in 1993 to Stanhome Inc and served as Executive VP of Stanhome Inc for 2 years thereafter, before retiring to pursue real estate development opportunities and his personal interests. Mr. Smith served in the Marine Corps and Navy Reserves from 1965 to 1971.

Shares in Auriant Mining AB: No.
Stock options in Auriant Mining AB: No.